Skills Bootcamp & Youth Empowerment

The YFL Team's Presentation at the HOFAM Conference at Nyaga Polytechnic in Ruiru Githunguri

    • Skills Development

YFL team, which consisted of Willy Kamau, Elizabeth Waithera, Fredrick Kioko, Alice Wangare, and Alice Nyambura, was assigned a one-hour time slot between 12 pm and 1 pm in the conference’s tight program. We began by introducing ourselves and sharing about the work we do at YFL. Elizabeth and Kioko then introduced the eager youths to our online courses, explaining the importance of developing job-ready skills and learning at their own pace.

Alice Wangare and Alice Kamau took the stage to explain the benefits of our courses and how to register for them. They patiently shared about how the youth can study from the comfort of their homes and at their preferred time, and the excitement in the room was palpable.

Willy Kamau then introduced the youth to our tree-planting programs, highlighting the importance of tree planting and environmental conservation. The youth were intrigued by how seemingly small efforts could make such a huge difference in the environment.

As we came to a close, we invited questions from the curious youth, and the team went around the hall receiving and answering any queries. We were grateful for the opportunity to introduce the youth to marketable online courses that they can learn in their free time and at their own pace. We were also thrilled to invite them to join us in our YFL tree-planting programs, where they can help in environmental conservation and support the Kenyan government’s efforts to achieve a 15 billion tree cover by 2030.