Community Journalism

Our Youth Media program provides media training, mentoring, income generation, and opportunities to amplify youth voices. It plays a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of community journalists. We enable youths to develop reporting, engagement, and leadership skills while producing impactful content that reflects their perspectives and experiences.

We also provide a creative outlet for young individuals to showcase their talents in writing, content creation, and storytelling through our digital media platforms, such as the YFL website, YFL social media platforms,, Mojatu Magazines, among others.

Our idea is to put forth an alternative to elite-driven,
top-down reporting that feeds into the biases and
stereotypes of audiences. Instead, we are putting in
place approaches that report “from the people to
the people” using youth media driven approach.

Who is a Community Journalist

A community journalist is a vital reporter that focuses on local news and issues, engaging directly with the community it serves. As a CJ, your role is to be the voice of your people, uncovering and sharing stories that matter to your community, while amplifying their authentic voices. Through your work, you will promote civic engagement, foster dialogue, and contribute to the collective well-being of the community. You will increase voter engagement and participation while helping expose and reduce corruption, polarization,and the election of more ideologically extreme officials. You are expected to establish strong connections with the community, actively listen to their concerns, and provide unbiased, accurate information that empowers them.

3 Months Media Training

YFL has sourced world class training contents and resources aimed at offering prospective
community journalists with the necessary skills, qualifications, and mentoring for successful
career in journalism and media.

Training Program Contents

Google Workspace

Canva Pro Qualifications

Journalism Qualifications

Social Media Marketing

Africa Data Hub Certification

Safety Journalism and Media

Instagram and social media course

These are provided through short elective courses around key skills through face-to-face, conferences, webinars, seminars, and self guided online learning while working in our paid placement to undertake local media projects.

We are looking for passionate people who want to build journalism and creative media skills while amplifying youth voices in Kenya. Applications and training are on a rolling basis.

We thus review applications as they are submitted and accept participants until all slots are filled.

Join Youth Media Today Support Youth Media To Develop Media Skills

We are looking for partners and volunteers to support YFL to deliver the training and support of the county based youth media trainees through mentoring, guidance, and signposting.

If you work in journalism, radio, broadcasting, creative and digital media, content creation and/or AI/tech and can commit a few hours a month to support a young person aged between 16-30 in media, we would love to hear from you.