Digital Skills, Access & Resources

Providing youths with opportunities to engage in the digital economy and pursue safe and fair digitally-enabled livelihoods.

YFL works in partnerships with youth groups, schools, churches, community based organisations, and other stakeholders in providing digital media training and resources.

This helps the youths to gain knowhow and capabilities to access employment and participate in other economically productive ventures.

Digital Ambassadors Program

YFL launched the Digital Ambassadors Program to work with youths in exploring opportunities for communities to engage in the digital economy and pursue safe and fair digitally-enabled livelihoods.

This ensures that youths, especially those in poorer neighborhoods have the capability to enjoy the benefits of being online and use technology confidently to improve their day-to-day lives.

YFL offers Digital Ambassadors with training opportunities, digital resources, connections and networking and other necessary support to successfully support local youths and communities to gain digital skills and competencies.

Digital Inclusion Services

We recruit, train, equip, and support local youths to become the Digital Ambassadors to counter the existing and widening digital skills gap between local and wider communities. This enables them to lead in the following digital inclusion activities and services.

Training & Skills

We provide a wide range of digital skills courses through face-to-face, online, and hybrid models aimed at strengthening the capabilities of using digital skills in individual and community lives.


It is essential to build and sustain strong and comprehensive partnerships, with local, national and international governments, organizations, and communities in developing, implementing and sustaining this program.


Continued Support

We provide the digital ambassadors with continued support through 1-1, group, face-to-face, online, and hybrid versions to ensure they successfully help close the digital inclusion gaps they identify in their work.

Our Digital Products & Services

We support organizations, institutions and individuals to acquire and use digital products & services.

Education Institutions

We provide education institutions – schools, colleges and universities – with support to adopt and use Google Workspace, especially Google Classroom to simplify and streamline their teaching and sharing of files between teachers, students, and parents. It simplifies their creation, distribution, and grading of assignments.


We support churches, NGOs, community organisations, and businesses in adopting and using Google Workspace for their Emails, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, among other online solutions.


Google Workspace

We provide specific training and support for schools, churches, NGOs, community organizations, and businesses in adopting and using Google Workspace for emails, training, cloud storage among other online solutions.