Digital Inclusion Ambassador

YFL offer a training program where you will be trained, mentored, and supported to become a community digital skills ambassador and work within the community digital sector.

The program also creates opportunities for the youth to upskill, gain work experience and contribute to the development of their local communities.

Additionally, this program offers the optional opportunity to develop skills in Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Google Workspace while earning an income from your work.

We equip youths with suitable digital skills and confidence to drive digital equality in local communities which is a key element for all in this digital-evolving era

Who is a Digital Inclusion Ambassador

As a DIA, you are expected to establish strong connections
with the community, to provide digital skills, solutions and literacy which empowers them. Train, support and empower youths to earn an income through digital sector and contribute to the
development of their communities through access and use of online systems and services.

The goal of YFL-DIA is to increase the number of digitally literate youths to undertake local digital skills provision and to promote use of information technology.

DIA aligns with the World Economic Forum’s Internet for All initiative.

Our Objectives

Transform communities into digitally literate and skilled communities boost their digital skills, ensuring that no one gets left behind.

Increase access to information, internet services, ICT infrastructure and improved use of online and mobile services.

Create jobs and increase citizens’ productivity through use of digital solutions.

Empower youths with digital skills that will enable them to drive digital initiatives, growth, and impact.

Become a Digital Inclusion Ambassador

We are looking for passionate people who want to build their digital skills while bridging the Digital Gap in Kenya. Applications and training are on a rolling basis.

We thus review applications as they are submitted and accept participants until all slots are filled.