Environmental Ambassador

YFL promotes and advocates for environmental awareness about various environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, sustainability and conservation. We have been actively involved in supporting local youths and communities in establishing agribusiness, nurseries, tree planting and forests operations.

We enable youths to gain skills in the whole process from seed collection, seed banking, nursery management to tree planting and management.

Who is An Environmental Ambassador

An environment ambassador is an individual who is passionate about the environment and is actively involved in promoting environmental awareness and conservation. One who inspire positive changes in behavior, attitudes, and policies that contribute to healthier and more sustainable surroundings. The individual is dedicated to actively promoting environmental stewardship, sustainability, and positive change within their community and beyond.

YFL works with local youths in reclaiming dilapidated and unproductive lands through irrigation and smart and innovative farming processes that use both indigenous and modern approaches in increasing food production and providing jobs for local youths.

Environmental Courses

Become an Environmental Ambassador

We are looking for passionate people who want to build skills on environmental awareness Applications and training are on a rolling basis.

We thus review applications as they are submitted and accept participants until all slots are filled.