Our goal is to enable youths to achieve their full potential by working in collaboration with multiple partners.

We believe that by working together with youths, individuals, communities, and organisations, we can jointly find and develop solutions to the challenges faced by youths.

Our Approach

YFL believes and adheres to Empowered Youths Approach by enabling youths to make informed decisions and take positive actions to attain the outcomes they seek to accomplish.


We support youths to become leaders with integrity, honesty, and openness to address issues affecting them and their communities.


We empower youths through training, skills development, engagement, and access to networks and opportunities.

Social Impact

We provide consistent and targeted support to youths to enable them to effect positive change in themselves and their communities.


We enable youths to leverage on and better their skills, knowledge, and talents and to foster their inclusion and representation at all levels.


We provide an understanding and respectful environment upon which youths are enabled to thrive as individuals with respect and dignity.


We provide resources and facilities to capture and amplify youth voices while enhancing access to information and skills to make informed decisions.

Our Theory of Change

We believe that consistent and targeted resource investment among young people as they transition to adulthood provides significant and lasting returns.

We believe we will have greater impact through collective action and collaboration with broad stakeholders at all levels, individuals, communities and organisations.