Taking Action
For Sustainable Environment

Enhancing youth employment and active participation through agribusiness and environmental actions is a vital part of sustainable environment and ecological restoration.

Since 2018, YFL has been actively involved in supporting local youths and communities in establishing agribusiness operations.

In 2023, we committed to planting 5 trees for every course completed and a certificate issued, as a means of ensuring a sustainable environment through Agribusiness, Nurseries and Tree planting.


Agribusinesses Launched


Nurseries Established


Trees Planted

Agribusiness Projects

YFL works with local youths in reclaiming dilapidated and unproductive lands through irrigation and smart and innovative farming processes that use both indigenous and modern approaches in increasing food production and providing jobs for local youths.

Since 2018, we have launched two projects where we plant affordable vegetables, provide clean water for drinking and support irrigation and animal husbandry for local youths in Laikipia, Makueni, and Nakuru. We are working on expanding these projects in other regions.

Establishing Local Nurseries

Working with local youths, YFL establishes and runs nurseries so as to provide employment, skills, and easier access to affordable local trees.

Supported by organisations such as Kenya Forestry Services (KFS), we are in target to establish 10 nurseries by the end of 2023, each covering roughly ¼ acre. So far, we have established nurseries in Makueni and are in the process of launching nurseries in Laikipia, Mai Mahiu, Nairobi, and Thika.

Trees Planting & Forests Creation

Since 2023, we have planted over 2,500 trees. This is in line with the commitment to plant 5 trees for every certificate we issue for training completed and as a means of youth engagement in environmental action and in ensuring climate action.

In addition to climate action to counter climate change and reduce carbon from the environment, our tree planting and forest creation is also a means of improving the livelihood of local youths, re-planting indigenous trees and regenerating forests and ground cover in areas that are facing desertification.

Environmental Courses

Environmental Action Gallery

Become a Sponsor

Close up view of African-American father and daughter planting potted plant at plant nursery

Are you passionate about the environment and want to make a meaningful contribution to combating climate change?

By becoming a tree sponsor, you can play a vital role in restoring and preserving our planet’s precious forests.

Join us in this noble cause and leave a lasting impact for the future generations.

Become a Tree Centre


Establishing a tree centre is a rewarding endeavour that allows you to contribute directly to environmental conservation.

By nurturing and growing trees, you can create a lasting legacy of sustainability, promote biodiversity, and inspire others to take action.

Together, let’s cultivate a greener and healthier planet for the future generations.

Featured sponsors

Nareto Conservancy, a Maasai community in Northern Kenya, has launched a Youth Conservation Engagement Programme to address social and economic challenges caused by environmental and political changes. The initiative, which connects multiple wildlife conservancies, aims to conserve endangered species like Grevy’s zebra, Reticulated giraffe, African savanna elephants, and Beisa oryx. The project will involve community-driven protection activities, reducing wildlife-human conflict, and environmental improvement. With funding from DPAWF, 30 youths will be recruited to lead wildlife and environmental conservation efforts, establishing tree nurseries, planting indigenous trees, and improving the local environment and economy.