Giving Youths Skills, Voice, Connections & Support

Youth Future Lab (YFL) provides skills, voice, connections and support for youths to lead fulfilled and productive lives. We accomplish this through Youth Media, Environmental Action, Digital Inclusion and Skills Development.

We work with local partners including youth groups, educational institutions, religious groups, local and national governments among others in delivering these services.

Youths connection and support

Our Story So Far


Fearless Youth Association Kenya was registered in 2018 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) focusing on youth training, support and awareness raising on environmental and health issues. Over the past 5 years, we have been working on helping young people to reach their full potential through a variety of programs, projects and activities.

In 2023 and to address the changing times and needs of most youths in Kenya, especially in employment, economic engagement, timely access to information and opportunities and in addressing the challenging climatic and environmental demands, we are working on registering FYA Organisation as an NGO and to change its name to Youth Future Lab (YFL).

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip and stimulate the potential of youths with career, professional, journalism and media skills, resources and support to bring about positive change in their local communities.

Our Vision

YFL envisions thriving local media and economies where youths actively participates through skills development, connections, amplification of their voices. This enables youths to achieve their full potential.


YFL believes in collaborative and partnership working. We thus seek, connect and work with multiple partners in providing spaces, opportunities, and connections for youths to gain skills, deepen their knowledge and enhance their passions.

These local, regional and national partners enable us to support youths in gaining professional qualifications while capturing and amplifying youth voices to influence policy and decisions in their locality. These partnerships and networks empower us to build critical skills and create contents that matter.